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Hatsue Homma

26 years of research & many achievements in Japan.

For people with hair loss and hair thinning problems,

It's a high quality hair growth shampoo.

The 60th

Kanagawa Prefecture Excellent Industry Award


For people with hair loss and hair thinning problems

Morozoff night shampoo series is a high quality product for people with problems of hair loss and hair thinning. It's developed using organic herbal extracts and natural products formulated carefully without using additives derived from petroleum.


I have researched and developed from experiences of severe intractable disease "chemical hypersensitivity"

We developed a product that does not use any petroleum from seriously refractory incurable disease "chemical hypersensitivity", and developed "hair growth system" stuck to natural products.
If you use a shampoo included surfactant made from petroleum, sebum clogs the pores and causes depilation.
That's why "Up hair's hair growth system" is "Non-silicon & ​Additive-free". This product is gentle to our body and hair.


"Hair loss stopped and new hair grew"

"My hair got glossier than before"







Introduced in special featuring articles on Japan once a year at the famous magazine in Dubai "Khaleej Times"


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