Development history and awards.

I have researched and developed from experiences of severe intractable disease "chemical hypersensitivity"

The reason for developing "UP hair's hair growth system" is that I had a furious experience of severe intractable disease "chemical hypersensitivity".

Chemical substances are contained in most products used in everyday life. For example, common shampoos, rinses and treatments contain surfactants made from petroleum. Surfactants made from petroleum are refined from crude oil carried by boat tankers.

Sometime I watch news that a tanker go aground and black tar flowing in the sea and it makes islands and the sea creatures polluting.

If we use a shampoo included surfactant made from petroleum, sebum clogs the pores and causes depilation. So I thought that we must change products to "​Additive-free" for People's health and People's hair.

There are serious fears that are understood only who have "chemical hypersensitivity". For example when anesthetizing in a dentist, there is a possibility of shock death. it is a disease related to life.

It is very important not to put chemical substances in the body. If accumulated chemical substances little by little in the body, it might be too late. In order not to be so we should choose "​Additive-free".

We developed this "Up hair's hair growth system" because we know the fear of scientific substances. so our products are totaly gentle to our body and hair.

Aphrodite, L.L.C.


Hatsue Homma

The 60th

Kanagawa Prefecture

Excellent Industry


The 60th Kanagawa Prefecture Excellent Industry Award Winner.

"Up hair's hair growth system" Morozoff night shampoo series is a safe product certified by the Japan Scalp Association.

UP Hair salons in Japan

There are 45 salons which contracted business partnership with UP hair in Japan

<Kanto Area>

・Tokyo Higashi Ginza Salon
・Tokyo Ikebukuro Salon
・Tokyo Aoigumi Salon
・Tokyo Kodaira Salon
・Tokyo Nikko Tamagawa Salon
・Tokyo Tachikawa Salon
・Kanagawa Yokosuka Salon
・Kanagawa Otaguchi Salon
・Gunma Ota Salon
・Tochigi Sano Salon
・Ibaraki Mito Salon
・Ibaraki Hitachi Salon
・Ibaraki Tsuchiura Salon
・Saitama Tokorozawa Salon
・Saitama Koshigaya Salon
・Saitama Fukaya Salon
・Saitama Omiya Salon

<Kyusyu Area>

・Fukuoka Moji Salon
・Fukuoka Yukuhashi Salon
・Fukuoka Oasazu Salon
・Saga Tosu Salon
・Oita Nakatsu Salon
・Miyazaki Yodogawa Salon
・Okinawa Naha Salon

<Hokkaido Area>

・Hokkaido Asahikawa Salon

・Hokkaido Kitami Salon

<Tohoku Area>

・Yamagata Tsuruoka Salon
・Miyagi Sendai Salon
・Miyagi Taehaki Salon
・Miyagi Ishimaki Salon

<Chubu Area>

・Fukui Kida Salon
・Ishikawa Suzu Salon
・Gifu Tajimi Salon
・Shizuoka Suruga Salon
・Shizuoka Mishima Salon
・Aichi Chikusen Salon
・Aichi Fujigaoka Salon
・Aichi Tahara Salon

<Kansai Area>

・Osaka Dojima Salon
・Wakayama Tanabe Salon
・Wakayama Gobo Salon

<Chugoku Area>

・Yamaguchi Shimonoseki Salon

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