Frequently Asked Questions

UP Hair | Japanese High Quality Hair Growth Shampoo

Q1. I heard that the hair gets out of washing too much. Do I get my hair off, if I shampoo every day?

if you doesn't wash your hair every day, hair loss will increase. It is best to wash your hair once or twice daily. Hair loss is caused by sebum stuffed in pores. Every day sebum comes out in the pores, it accumulates in the pores, the sebum melts the hair root and the hair goes out.

But if you use Morozoff night shampoo series and wash the sebum stuffed in the pores cleanly, the hair loss stops.

Q2. I tap my head with a brush everyday, but my hair is not growing up, why?

On the TV before, it said that tapping the head with a brush helps hair grow up. But hair does not grow by tapping, because nutrition does not reach the scalp. The thickness of the scalp is determined by the amount of collagen in the dermal layer. By drinking "MOROZOFF NIGHT AMINO EX" which contains amino acids of the same components as the collagen layer of the scalp every day, it makes a scalp that hair can grow easily.

​Q3. My parents's hair is thin, so I think my hair is thin too by the genetic. Is there still chance to grow up my hair?

Alopecia due by the genetic is because pf the balance of male hormones. If there are many male hormones, sebum is excessively made, and sebum is accumulated in pores, and it makes hair loss.

"Up hair's hair growth system" excretes the sebum that is clogged in the pores in a special way and the chemical substances that are absorbed percutaneously and accumulated in the scalp, and return to the healthy scalp and pores.